I had the privilege of working with Lauren in the spring of 2022 while studying for the GraduateRecord Examinations (GRE), an admissions requirement for many of the graduate schools I will soon be applying to. Lauren is very communicative, and showed up to our session prepared with practice materials and test-taking strategies to share with me. Lauren is attentive and demonstrates incredible patience, skills that enable her to be thorough in addressing any and all questions while also encouraging independence. Being someone who has struggled immensely with standardized and traditional testing in the past, it is incredible that in a very short time, Lauren helped me to feel more confident in my test-taking abilities. I was able to tackle an examination that seemed daunting, and achieve results I am sure I would not have seen without her guidance, compassion, and dedication. Lauren truly supports learning, and I could not recommend her coaching enough! 


Lauren is the person you want on your team. She is insightful, caring and determined while always keeping your student’s best interest at the forefront. Her wisdom from years of experience, keen understanding of special education law, positive attitude and ability to ask good questions ensure that your child will receive the personalized help s/he needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Lauren!

Mom, Farmington

Mrs. Rand has been tutoring me since the start of my freshman year in high school when I started a new private/online school. I appreciate the time she took in the beginning to get to know me as a person. I haven’t had a very good educational experience and Mrs. Rand has really helped me to feel comfortable with my learning and to ask questions when I don’t understand something. She is very patient and explains things to me in a way that I can understand. If I need extra help she is always available to log online with me to work on something that I’m struggling with. Mrs. Rand is a great tutor!

Peyton, Student

Our son started a private/online school this fall as a freshman in high school. Lauren has been an invaluable part of his educational success to date. Lauren has connected with our son on a level that has given him more confidence in his ability to learn, take tests, and complete challenging essays etc. Our son looks forward to working with her twice a week! Lauren has been the best thing that has happened to our son when it comes to education and learning…..she’s priceless!

Lindsay & Larry, Parent

I am extremely pleased with Lauren M Rand Consulting LLC. I contacted Mrs. Lauren for my son in elementary school and we couldn’t have been happier. He is now a freshman in high school taking Honors classes. What a huge difference she has made! Not only has his academics improved, but more importantly she has helped him become more confident.

She is attentive, caring and the scheduling is flexible. She’s patient, funny, and understanding. I really appreciate the value and support that she provides my son. She has truly made a difference in not only my son’s life, but in the life of our family as well. As parents we sometimes experience the stress that homework can cause in the home, especially if we are unable to help our own children, however Mrs. Lauren provides that break and eases the stress that we may sometimes experience. Mrs. Lauren is AWESOME!

Sharie, Parent

Mrs. Lauren has been my tutor since I was in the 4th grade. I am a freshman in high school and I would not be where I am in Math or English without her support, guidance and tutoring.

She is able to take Math concepts and break it down into very understandable concepts. My English, particularly writing has GREATLY improved since Mrs. Lauren started tutoring me. She is very patient, funny and will not hesitate to answer any additional questions on topics that are still unclear to me, even after my tutor session is over. She even will talk sports stuff with me. Mrs. Lauren is the BEST!

Stryckland, Student

Lauren has been working with my son, Johnny, for 10 years to improve his reading and math skills. At that time, Johnny could not read at all. Since working with Lauren, she uses his specific learning style of visualization to achieve positive outcomes. She encourages independence through technology. She applies everyday circumstances to enhance his math skills. My son’s reading ability has progressed to where he is independent and proud of his accomplishment.

Kathy, Parent

I can not recommend Lauren Rand enough! My son is currently a 5th grader and started to work with Lauren when he was in 4th grade. My son learns differently than most kids and what I love about Lauren is she teaches in a way that makes sense to him!!! She makes every lesson feel like a game!

We continued seeing Lauren over the summer and he never complained. He was always happy to go–which is a huge compliment!!! I have always said that I want my kids to love learning and Lauren teaches everything this way-so that kids always want to learn more!

After each session, Lauren sends me an update on what they worked on during their time together. I love this because I can use the same language when we are working on homework together so as not to confuse any part of the process. If she thinks he could still use a little extra practice, she includes activities that he can work on independently. At the start of the new school year, Lauren reached out to his teachers. She works closely with them to help with any pre teaching or review that he might need. It is amazing how this can boost a kid’s confidence.

As you can see, I can’t speak highly enough of Lauren and how much she has helped our son. Everyone needs the support of someone like Lauren!!!

Lauren, Parent

Lauren has worked with my son for many years, tutoring him in challenging high school classes and helping him to experience success in high school beyond what we could have hoped.  When it was time to apply for college, I knew Lauren would be our go to person.  She worked with our son to help him focus in on possible majors,  she helped him narrow down his choice of colleges and universities, and then helped him through the somewhat confusing application process.  Our son applied to 6 schools and was accepted into all six.  She also supported him through a scholarship competition process, that included a competitive interview and essay.  Our son is in the best position possible to decide his future, and he, his father, and I couldn’t be happier.  We owe so much to Lauren’s support and guidance.


My name is TJ Shaw, and it is a pleasure to share my wonderful experiences working with Lauren Rand. For some context, I have been working with Lauren since I was 13 years old. I am now 22, graduating from Syracuse University this spring, and am starting my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology this summer at Virginia Tech. I have been fortunate to work with Lauren at all stages of my education, granting me the ability to speak to her adaptability, work ethic, and effectiveness across the educational spectrum. She is a teacher for all ages, and I would not be where I am without her support.

When I first began working with Lauren, she primarily helped me prep for the SSATs – the standardized test required for private secondary school admission. As someone who has ADHD, struggles with math, and is not a good test-taker, Lauren primarily helped me develop strategies to read questions carefully, improve my basic arithmetic, and stay calm under a test’s time crunch. Through these strategies and more, I was able to earn a score that helped me gain admission to Avon Old Farms – my dream high school since I was eight.

While at Avon Old Farms, I continued to work with Lauren, primarily on Chemistry – a subject that was not my strong suit. I have always admired Lauren’s ability to develop a sense of a subject she is helping me with to provide the best support possible. Chemistry was not something she usually taught, but her ability to research topics I was struggling with and explain them digestibly was profound. Her support throughout the year was a primary reason I passed the class. Lauren also supported me as I prepared for the SAT later in my high school career. I again struggled with the math section of the test. Once again, through Lauren’s support, I earned a score that played a role in earning admission to Syracuse University, my first choice for college.

Finally, in the summer of 2021, I approached Lauren about helping me prepare for the GRE’s – the test I would need to apply to graduate school for Clinical Psychology. The GRE was another situation where Lauren did not have much experience with the material she was teaching me. Regardless, when I showed up for the first session, a packet of information about the test, practice problems, and other relevant background information was waiting for me. She had even taken a practice test to familiarize herself with the material. We discussed strategy, practiced questions that would be especially common on the test, and worked through difficult problems that I had flagged during my practice. With Lauren’s help, I earned a score that far exceeded my expectations.

Beyond all the academic support Lauren has provided to me over the years – the above being only the bare bones of what can be described concisely – she has always been a kind, supportive, and empathetic person. Sometimes students need less instruction and more of a shoulder to lean on. During the period where she helped me with high school Chemistry, I was in a low place. Lauren always empathized with how I was struggling, saw how hard I was working in the class, and validated my frustrations. She also balanced this compassion with motivating me to keep pushing, something that is hard to achieve.

If one thing can be taken from these experiences, it is Lauren’s versatility and passion that sets her apart from other teachers. I have encountered many tutors and teachers throughout my educational journey, and few have approached the level of dedication that I see in Lauren. I endorse her services in the strongest possible words and am confident that you or your child will be well served by working with her.

TJ, Student

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