As we transition into the summer ahead, many parents begin to enter into a panic to sign up their child for as many activities as possible.  Summer camps, sports, and lessons fill up quickly as parents try to maximize the opportunities available during the summer.  We spend our times as Moms mostly employed as Uber drivers carting our children from one activity to another while waiting on the sideline for their fun or learning to be over.  


While these opportunities are wonderful and children do benefit from their time outdoors or focusing on a particular sport, there is another pastime in the summer that is often neglected.  That is boredom.  Summer is a wonderful time for children and teens to be allowed to be bored.  


Yes I know this seems counterintuitive to everything we know about our children.  However harken back to your own childhood.  Think about your summer and what it may have entailed for you.  For many of us it included time outside to pursue exploration, pickup basketball,  football games, riding bikes, Legos or times with friends.  For some of us it included finding new hobbies or new books we loved.  For others it involved discovering a love of baking or crocheting or even math.  We needed to fill our time because we were bored.  It was up to us to inspire our brains and fill our time.  


One of the most wonderful gift we can provide our own children is the time for our own children to fill.  The quiet for their own minds to think. Along with the boredom for their own creativity to occupy.  This is a very precious gift.


As I have seen with my precious children who will tell me a million times, “I am bored”, looking for quick and easy entertainment, summer can be a misunderstood gift.  However given space and a slight nudge towards their individual areas of interest including the outdoors, music, math, exercise, and books they will eventually find entertainment.  I also need to be able to put up with some initial discomfort.  Remember we live in the “fast food” culture of immediate service.  Summer should be a time of slowing down and figuring out what new likes to pursue.  Remember “I am bored” is beginning of a great adventure!


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