Are you able to provide assistance for students through the college application process?2022-03-23T20:36:49+00:00

Yes, we have experience helping students (and families) through the college decision-making process. Also we can help students as they apply, write essays, and pursue scholarships. All of this is available at a reasonable expense.

Are you able to assist students with AP Classes or to prepare for AP tests?2022-03-23T20:36:14+00:00

Yes, we have experience working with students in a variety of AP classes including AP Biology, AP US History, and AP Language

Do you have small groups?2022-03-23T20:35:31+00:00

Yes we do have small groups. The rate for them is $50 per session. The minimum is 3 students for group and the maximum is usually 5 students.

How can you effectively support secondary school students?2022-03-23T20:34:48+00:00

As certified teachers we understand the academic rigor that is expected of secondary students which needs to be balanced with the mental health and development of pre-teens and teenagers. Our experience in the classroom allows us to transform our coaching approach into a more positive learning environment where students can feel that they have the skills to learn but just need to understand how to apply them. We help them do that successfully.

How can you effectively support elementary school students?2022-03-23T20:34:05+00:00

As certified teachers we understand how elementary school students learn and develop. Also we have specialized training in both reading/writing (literacy) and math. This allows us to coach students to their strengths while remediating their weaker areas of learning.

How can I continue educational coaching for my child after my purchased course is over?2022-03-23T20:33:14+00:00

There are two options. You can sign up for another course (which can be the course that was just completed because the content will be different) or you can opt-in a quarter or a semester of sessions at a designated time. These can either be remote or in-person.

How do you handle communication with teachers and other school staff?2022-03-23T20:30:49+00:00

Parent(s) need to sign a release from at the school to allow the educational coach to communicate with teacher(s). Once that is done most communication occurs through email unless a teacher prefers a phone call.

How is a remote session different than an in-person session?2022-03-23T20:29:51+00:00

The only difference is how the content is delivered. For remote sessions the interaction is either through Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. Interactive tools are used to enhance understanding and documents are shared between coach and student(s). In-person we are face-to-face speaking to one another and able to use both technology along with paper and pencil.

What if my child has a question that she/he needs answered during the week?2022-03-01T16:56:12+00:00

There is an online messaging system that is unique to Lauren M Rand Consulting LLC that allows two-way communication with the educational coach.

How will I be able to find out what happened during the coaching sessions?2022-03-01T16:58:07+00:00

Updates from each session will be provided within 48 hours in the online messaging system that you can access through your account.

What is the difference between tutoring and educational coaching?2022-03-01T16:59:11+00:00

Tutoring is providing short-term solutions such as the answer to the questions on the homework. Educational coaching is getting to know a student’s strengths and weaknesses and teaching her/him how to apply those strengths along with study skills to content areas so the he/she can successfully learn independently.

What methods of payment are available?2022-05-05T14:19:39+00:00

We accept Cash, Checks, Debit cards and Credit cards. We prefer you to use our Website’s Online Payment System and pay via Debit or Credit cards. Credit card payments can be made directly through the website. Cash and checks made out to Lauren M Rand Consulting LLC can be given directly at time of service or mailed to: Lauren M Rand Consulting LLC 34 Baldwin Dr. Farmington, CT 06032.


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