May is in full swing and with it the stress of end of the year…..  With children having additional needs and responsibilities, as mothers we often find ourselves pulled in so many directions that we feel like Elasti-Girl.  Our time, bodies and minds are not our own.  Yet part of us wants to treasure special moments as much as we want to speed up and get to the last day of school.  You may have a daughter finishing up her first year of kindergarten or a son who is moving onto Middle School.  Some of us may even have a teenager who is trying to survive through final exams in high school.  Time doesn’t seem to stand still.  Its constant motion only seems to somehow exponentially increase as the days left in school decrease.


For some of us this is bittersweet.   We are the Moms who are facing graduations from Elementary school, High School and even college.  These moments are poignant as the transition times of life can be beautiful and painful.  How do we meet everyone else’s needs and still present an Instagram worthy memory-filled month?  It is impossible?!


Instead it is important to gather the most precious quantity you have, time, and make a memory.  Do something with your child(ren) that is memorable.  Small moments make a story and construct a memory.   It could involve a hike or ice cream or bowling or even taking a walk.  Trust your heart because memories live there. Those smiles and moments live on forever……longer than Instagram.  


So when your calendar reminders overwhelm you and you can’t catch your breath go find your teenager for a pick-up basketball game.  Go grab your child for an evening walk with homemade cookies afterwards.  Connecting back with our teens and children in those small, quiet moments not only help us survive as Moms (and Dads) but also provide the oxygen needed to sustain relationships for years to come.  


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